Veterinarian Approved


Supported and Approved


After over a year of research and working with Dr. Kevin Ashbran of Newport Harbor Animal Hospital in Newport Beach, CA, we were able to put together the necessary requirements for Little Bell App for both veterinarian and pet owner alike.

Dr. Ashbran grew up in Glendora, CA. He has an undergraduate degree, a B.S. in general biology from UCSD, and as a charter class member received his Veterinary degree from Western University of Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Ashbran is also a guest speaker at Western University and clinical instructor of veterinarian medicine and is on the clinical sites advisory board.

In his free time, Dr. Ashbran spends his time with his wife and their three dogs, enjoying the outdoors, camping, fly fishing, hiking, and photography.

We thank you for not only being our veterinarian and care giver to all of our pups, but also for being part of our family and this app development project.  You mean the world to us and most importantly…our Little Bell–Pretty Girl.

-Love Always!